Saw the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and was reminded that Jena Malone is a also a revolutionary in our little show, albeit a gentler, kinder one…


I love this We Are The Universe print. You can buy it but that’s not the point. Get yours here at the justseeds shop.

Sublime print inspired by Peter and Becky’s saying!

We Are The Universe.

This is a new cartoon from Becky Stark and Peter Glantz. It’s 46 seconds. I love it.


Heal Everything!  Heal Everyone! print by Ron Regé, Jr. with words by Peter Glantz & Becky Stark.    18”x24” so psyched.

By Ron, Becky, and Peter!

WCDI - Megan Whitmarsh talking trash!

Hey, in this week’s episode John C. Reilly tells Becky a personal story about being the Easter Bunny for his son’s class and how he used the same techniques as when he’s acting in a movie.  But this time the stakes were higher - could he fool his own kid?

Partygirl.  Crafting.  World Peace.  Episode 12.




“Change Your Relationship to Nature” by Peter Glantz & The Imaginary Company

I have a print of this above my bed and i love love love it

Woo hoo!

This words on this sublime print by Kevin Hooyman were written by Peter and Becky!


This is a video of Becky Stark from Lavender Diamond and Andrew W.K. lip-synching to each other’s song as the other sings. I’ve watched it… maybe too many times? I wrote about the new Lavender Diamond record for Pitchfork today (in brief: it’s not perfect but I like it) (but also, isn’t everything) and tried to work in something about how Becky Stark : Love :: Andrew W.K. : Partying, as a way to explain the “Are these people for real?” question, but couldn’t make it fit. Anyway, this video A) makes me laugh even when I think about it and B) pushed me to listen to “Party Hard” for the first time ever (I KNOW) and I am now obsessed with the piano in it and I wish my hair was longer so I could go as Andrew WK for Halloween.